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Hand blown glass urn and memorial art flame incorporating cremated remains. Made by local Oregon artist. Other colors and shapes available

Il circo urn and flame
Il Circo Urn and Flame

This fired ceramic porcelain urn features spectacular color and unique, crisp designs with a crystalline glaze. Every porcelain urn is hand made, please allow for variance in the color intensity and design patterns. 8 3/4" H 8 1/4" Diameter

Viridian sky urn
Viridian Sky Urn

The Emerald Classic Urn Vault is an American made cultured marble cremation urn crafted in the heart of New England. 9.75" L x 6.75" W x 6.5" H

Classic cultured marble urn
Classic Emerald Urn

One of a kind handmade urn from local Oregon vendor, 8" w x 10" h x 4" deep

Family roots urn
Family Roots Urn

One of a kind handmade urn from local Oregon vendor, 7"x7"x7"

Pistachio cube urn
Pistachio Cube Urn

The magnificent Soaring Doves™ Adult urn in silver and teal blue inlay depicts beautiful birds ascending towards the Heavens.9.5"" Height x 7"" Diameter

Soaring doves loveurns1
Soaring Doves Urn

10.5″H x 6.5″W

Grecian brass crimson urn
Grecian Crimson Urn

One of a kind handmade urn from local Oregon vendor 10" x 6 1/2" H x 6" Deep

Cedar urn1
Cedar Urn

100% Brass

Partriotic collection urn
Patriotic Collection Urn

Made of Brass, finished with lustrous metallic hue. 10.5" H 6" Dia, 200 Cu Inch

Classic radiance pewter loveurns
Classic Radiance Pewter Urn

Pine chest with blue velvet interior and metal clasp closure. 10.25" W x 8.25" D x 6" H

Pine chest
Pine Chest Urn

This eco-friendly tube provides a simple and respectful way to scatter the ashes at their final resting place. 12.5" Tall x 5" Diameter

Untitled 2
Mount Hood Scatter Tube

Cardboard container

Temporary urn container
Default Cremation Container
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